The daily Management of “BloemenCommissie” Zundert  is responsible for the execution of  selling dahlia flowers for the 20 hamlets .  During the first week of September it buys flowers in desired colours and varieties to decorate the floats of  Flower Parade Zundert.

The prudence and supervision will also be provided by the general government, in which every hamlet is represented.

Member of the Management team:

Name Position Mobile Fax
Ludo Gommers President +31 655551883
Remco Damen Secretary +31 651891852
John Verpalen Treasurer
John Hoppenbrouwers Purchase & Sale +31 653290396
Adrie Gommers Co-ordi. Package +31 650836038 +31 76 8500320
Mart Mathijssen Delivery Controller +31 610477791 +31 76 5974359